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Bracha Goetz's Books
Did you know that the letters of the aleph-beis contain hidden messages inside them? Within each letter's shape is a special hint to help us remember the sound that the letter makes. Discover the amazing secrets of the aleph-beis in this charming book for children! Secrets of the Aleph Beis Nechama Segal, Ms.Ed: This book should be part of every Aleph Beis curriculum!! Bracha Goetz simplifies some of the most mystical and deepest Kabbalah concepts about the building blocks of our Universe. The colorful illustrations and concise explanations make these lofty concepts accessible for the youngest learners. This book can make learning Aleph Beis a memorable and spiritual experience of its own.
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DiraLeads - The Jewish Short-term Rental Marketplace
Connecting renters with property owners for short-term stays in heimishe neighborhoods worldwide
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Send Meshloach Manos in Israel
All our Products are Bdatz Eida Chareidis
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Amazon account buyer/seller
I buy and sell amazon seller accounts. If you have a seller account that you no longer need i will pay you top dollars for it. If you were suspended i can sell you a new account for a reasonable price. Extra high fees for: +Amazon Vendor accounts, Walmart Seller accounts, and other marketplaces.
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