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Seeking Male P3 Provider
Seeking a male P3 provider-enhanced rates, afternoon hour for a HS student in Midwood
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
ATTENTION PARENTS: Is your child approved for P3/SETSS? Let us connect you with: 1) Experienced and competent P3/P4/SETSS providers 2) Advocacy and legal services 3) A supportive and understanding staff INQUIRE ABOUT SUMMER AND MAKEUP HOURS. (718) 362-6086 or (347) 927-3692
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Math Tutor
Experienced HS math teacher/tutor Don't wait until a month before the regents! Chanania Levin 845-558-9544 45/hr
Posted In: Monsey, New York
Need a reading tutor?
An experienced male tutor available using Clearview method. This method has proven to increase students fluency in a short timespan.References available. email
Posted In: Spring Valley, New York
Let us help your child SOAR! - with Achievements Educational Services
Achievements offers individualized tutoring and mentoring that is focused on YOUR child's needs. Tutors and mentors are thoroughly vetted, carefully matched, and supervised by our dedicated team. - For Boys & Girls - During & After School Hours - Elementary-High School - Servicing Lakewood, NJ and Brooklyn, NY Under the guidance of Rabbi Shlomo Gissinger shlit”a and Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen shlit”a. Lakewood Office: (732) 987-7761 Brooklyn Office: (718) 885-8056 Applications are available on our website at
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Professional seamstress giving sewing lessons
Hello I am high skilled designer and dressmakers. Teaching sewing skills for adults and children . I am located in BP
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Help Your Child Thrive
Is Your Child Falling Behind Academically? Don't let them! As an educator, with many years of experience both one on one and in the classroom, I feel confident to help your child get on his/her grade level and thrive. I believe that a child succeeds with warmth and compassion and I use them to build a rapport with them. I work with 1st and 2nd graders in reading/sight words, writing and math. References are available upon request. Call or text Saralah at 917-968-1290 for more information.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Torah tutor
Online special education tutor in kriah, Chumash and Gemara. Rabbi Yaakov Aichenbaum, MA special education. Children with special needs need more than an ordinary tutor. See my website at
Posted In: Baltimore, Maryland
Find the best tutor or mentor for your child
Achievements Tutoring & Mentoring Services provides you with the most optimal tutor or mentor for your child's specific needs. All of our tutors and mentors are thoroughly vetted, carefully matched, and directly supervised by our dedicated team of placement coordinators. • For boys & girls • For elementary and high-school students • During & after school hours • Servicing Lakewood & Brooklyn • No fee to sign up for the service Achievements Tutoring & Mentoring Services are under the guidance of R' Shlomo Gissinger Shlit”a and R' Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlit”a. Sign up for free at or contact one of our service coordinators: For Lakewood — Rabbi Yehudah Altusky Cell: 848-480-5612 Email: For Brooklyn — Rabbi Ephraim Wadler Cell: 917-572-9165 Email:
Posted In: Lakewood, New Jersey
Qualified Tutor
Experienced, male, general, secular studies Tutor/Talmudic Rebbe available for instruction in the following subjects: -Gemara -Mishnayos -Talmud -Chumash -Navi -Global -American History -American Politics -English/Literature *FOR PRICING & MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE TEXT OR CALL DAVID @ 917 533 2182 **AGE RANGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-HIGH SCHOOL (REGENTS)
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
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