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Experienced Teacher (30 years) Ready to Help YOUR Child
Give your child the educational advantage of having the personal and tailored assistance of a professional and experienced teacher. Whether it's enrichment or torturing, I'm here for you. I work with students, boys and girls, of all ages and across many subjects, Torah and secular. *FOR PRICING & MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE TEXT OR CALL DOVID @ 781-820-0235 - MENTION THIS AD
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Limudei Kodesh tutor great rates
Hi, Do you need help with your Limudei Kodesh? Are you struggling to master some subjects? Perhaps I can help. I can try and help you with subjects like Tenach, Talmud, Hashkafa. I can teach online. Give me a call and we can discuss it. Thanks
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
looking to tutor limudei kodesh
Hi, I'm looking to tutor online preferably a female. I've a lot of experience in Jewish subjects. It can range from Tenach, talmud or Jewish History. If you have a weak area that you need private help, I might be able to help. Affordable rates. Call me for more info Thanks
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Is your child struggling in school? I can help! All ages. Most subjects. For more information please call 845.499.6949
Posted In: Spring Valley, New York
Torah tutor
Online special education tutor in kriah, Chumash and Gemara. Rabbi Yaakov Aichenbaum, MA special education. Children with special needs need more than an ordinary tutor. See my website at
Posted In: Baltimore, Maryland
Math Tutor
Experienced HS and elementary math teacher/tutor Elementary, High School and College level math, other subjects too! Chanania Levin 845-558-9544 50/hr
Posted In: Monsey, New York
Find the best tutor or mentor for your child
Achievements Tutoring & Mentoring Services provides you with the most optimal tutor or mentor for your child's specific needs. All of our tutors and mentors are thoroughly vetted, carefully matched, and directly supervised by our dedicated team of placement coordinators. • For boys & girls • For elementary and high-school students • During & after school hours • Servicing Lakewood & Brooklyn • No fee to sign up for the service Achievements Tutoring & Mentoring Services are under the guidance of R' Shlomo Gissinger Shlit”a and R' Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlit”a. Sign up for free at or contact one of our service coordinators: For Lakewood — Rabbi Yehudah Altusky Cell: 848-480-5612 Email: For Brooklyn — Rabbi Ephraim Wadler Cell: 917-572-9165 Email:
Posted In: Lakewood, New Jersey
Qualified Tutor
Experienced, male, general, secular studies Tutor/Talmudic Rebbe available for instruction in the following subjects: -Gemara -Mishnayos -Talmud -Chumash -Navi -Global -American History -American Politics -English/Literature -Bilingual in Yiddish, Hebrew, English & Russian *FOR PRICING & MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE TEXT OR CALL DAVID @ 917 533 2182 **AGE RANGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-HIGH SCHOOL (REGENTS)
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Amazing cards to help children learn Nekudos Made by "Nekudos Made Ez"
• . Description Young children appreciate these multi-sensory, memory-building cards. Children get so wrapped up while they play, they forget that they are learning! The card games were designed by an NYS Certified MS Ed Reading and Kriah specialist with more than 30 years of experience, in regular and special ed. Nekudos Made EZ is based on using mnemonics for memorizing the sound and shape of each Nekuda. Moreover, it focuses on the ability to recall and apply it to many different words while strengthening phonemic awareness. It can be used in one-on-one or in small group settings. The cards are super child-friendly with brightly colored illustrations. Because every child learns differently, many suggestions of play are included in the box. And let your creativity flow. With these cards, it will always be a fun multi-sensory, visual, verbal, and tactile game that advances the learning of Kriah.
Posted In: Monsey, New York
An experienced male tutor available using Clearview method. This method has proven to increase students fluency in a short timespan.References available. email or call 845 502 4295
Posted In: Spring Valley, New York
MS Office Legal Training 2007-19: Raise Your Hand If You Want Access To Top-Tier Style Training!
As you know, things are progressing. Firms are gearing toward returning to the office. Some will allow a hybrid type schedule while others will want people back full time at the office. This is where you come in. You want to make sure that your skills are at their peak so that no matter what transpires, you are marketable at a high level. This is your opportunity to fill in the gaps and learn those procedures that will enhance your overall resume and depth of knowledge. Being that we that have thousands of hours of situational experience spanning all 3 shifts in top-tier law firms, we bring that experience and knowledge to you! We train secretaries, WP operators, paralegals, IT help desk, legal outsource firms as well as lawyers from large firms down to the single practitioner. Our methods get results and you learn a ton! We don’t believe in “show them just enough”. We show as much as possible. So enough said. What do we offer? Basic-Advanced We do a thorough...
Posted In: Queens, New York
Professional seamstress giving sewing lessons
Hello I am high skilled designer and dressmakers. Teaching sewing skills for adults and children . I am located in BP
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
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