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Free Pesach Hotel Stay for Bachur/etc - Shadow Autistic Adult
A family is having a large reunion at a kosher hotel in Connecticut for Pesach. They have an adult son with severe autism who they would like to participate, but who needs transportation and a helper (light help, he is mobile and somewhat communicative). Main responsibilities are making sure he takes his meds 3x a day and keeping him out of trouble (i.e. raiding the coffee room and filling up on cookies). Family is large religious family with young children up to elders - a variety of "types" represented, mostly black hat "frum". Easy job - no real extra "pay" other than travel expenses, and you get to stay in a nice hotel and have plenty of time to yourself (it is not a problem to leave him with family and go do something, or leave him in the room to take a could likely take a day trip on chol hamoed with or without him). Call or text if interested (703) 772-6253
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 04/16/2019
Car Cleaning
Boys available to clean your car/van in Flatbush for cheap price. Call or Text 917 826 7663
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 03/31/2019
semi custom wedding albums
we are offering an amazing package of 3 albums for $700.00 our wedding albums consist of 1 master album plus 2 parent albums along with boxes for all of the albums. you select the photos and we do the rest! 10 percent off perk for first 10 orders placed. email:
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 03/29/2019
Looking for individual/s to move furniture in apt, such as wall unit and grandfather clock. One day job. Please call to discuss pay: Ester at 718-548-3997
Posted In: Riverdale, New York
Posted on 03/27/2019
makeup, sales
Do you love makeup? Cosmetics store in Boro park is looking for someone who loves makeup for Pre Peach help, starting after Purim. Great job for high school girl.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 03/20/2019
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