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Daf Yomi Shiur In English & Yiddish via WhatsApp Group
בעזהי"ת מתחילים ללמוד מסכת סוטה ט' ניסן Starting Maseches סוטה, First shiur Thursday night. Shiurim are on average 35 minutes. Click here For the shiur in English For the shiur in Yiddish
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Join fellow "rote beginners" learning the Gemara, the Talmud, on topics related to Purim. We meet every Monday and Wednesday night at 9pm at Passaic Torah Institute (PTI) 441 Passaic Avenue. We're led by Rabbi Eliyahu Zimmerman, who's patient, encouraging, and effusively welcoming style makes everyone feel comfortable. No background necessary. We don't move ahead until every person understands. You'll find it stimulating and enjoy an occasional chuckle, but the learning is serious. 4 other intermediate and advanced shiurim are held at the same time, with more learning all day, every day, offering something for everyone and every schedule. All are free. For info, reply to this announcement or contact PTI at 973-594-4774 or The full schedule of men's and women's programs, minyanim, and recorded shiurim are at
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Parenting course for women
Are you searching for guidance on how to parent your kids? Do you want peace in the home? Look no further!!! Here is an affordable, exciting parenting course for women/parents: From babies and toddlers to teens and grown children. Focusing on the Torah and the Science of raising our kids, the Mind-Body Connection, and much more. You will gain Clarity and create a Warm Home, Personal Growth with Peace of Mind. We have professional educators giving this course, A Psychologist & Recovery Coach with many years of experience. Live and Zoom classes. Amazing handouts and presentations. Rabbonim of renown backing us and multiple references. Contact us or visit us at Email: Phone in Israel: 052-763-9018; 050-410-1251 Outside Israel: 972-52-763-9018; 972-50-410-1251
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Attention Graduates. New Night Seminary
The infamous Rabbi A. M. Royde is opening a phenomenal night seminary for girls in Brooklyn. Students and Staff applications accepted. 845-204-8792
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
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