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Lakewood Women's Halacha Line
Under the guidance of Rabbi Forchheimer, 10 minute shiur is a wonderful way to learn halachos on subjects that are relevant to women and girls. Listen anytime. New shiur every Sunday. 646-653-1799.
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Hakhel Virtual Yarchei Kallah, Monday, May 25
MONDAY MORNING, MAY 25TH! HAKHEL IN CONJUNCTION WITH TORAHANYTIME VIRTUAL YARCHEI KALLAH 9:15 am The Second Book of Divrei HaYomim Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Shlita 10:15 am Distraction, Detachment, and Challenge: Mis/Interpreting Signs from Heaven Rabbi Yosef Viener, Shlita 11:15 am 70 Days of Lockdown— What We Have Learned, And What We Will Take With Us Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Shlita 12:15pm Shavuos Is Coming—10 Tips to Improve Your Torah Learning Rabbi Fishel Schachter, Shlita Streaming: Dial Phone Hotline: X 57 USA: 718-298-2077 UK: 0330-606-9885 Israel: 072-398-2980 Canada: 647-797-0056 Sponsored Anonymously in Honor of Those Who Will Not Be Left Behind When Mashiach Comes Because They Do Not Have Sinat Chinam, And L’Refuah Sheleima For Hana Gitel Tova Bat Shaina Necha For Further Information, Please Contact or Call 347-409-5061
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Self Help/Torah Class
Interactive Zoom class is being formed now based on Mesilas Yeshorim. Classes will provide students with the skills to finding balance to live a life of purpose and a solid foundation of Torah values. Classes will be held on Wednsdays at 12PM with the opportunity to engage and pose questions to the instructor. Each session is $90. Please email Sima at to reserve a slot.
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Pirkai Avos Class
Interactive zoom class on the topic of Ethics of our Fathers is forming. Classes will provide time for participants to socialize and discuss the topics being discussed and pose questions. Participants will delve into each chapter together and gain a deep understanding of each topic. Classes are held by zoom invitation on Thursdays at 3:00 PM. Each class is $90. Please contact Sima at to sign up.
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INTRODUCING THE CHASDEI CHAIM YESHIVA SHEIM V EIVER CONFERENCE CALL PROGRAM please call to connect to our program of classes, IYH 11 30 pm(NY time),1 30 am, 3 30 am and 4 30 am for a short class. First Gemara then chumash then Halacha and then hashkafa. Every night except friday. Phone# 978 990 5030 access code 3680538# for info call 347 962 1509 DONATE AT LIVING-KINDNESS.ORG thanks
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