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Lamed Tes Melachos
Master class
Posted In: Staten Island, New York
We have instead sponsored rabbi Yosef mizrachi’s lecture this past Tuesday night, when he spoke in Brooklyn, as he does every week continuing again after succos. To join that sponsorship please go to Shidduch resumes are still being accepted at Have a GMAR CHASIMA TOVA
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Eight Tips To Build Executive-Function Skills
The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group is pleased to present the following lecture on Thursday September 21, 2023 from 6:00 -8:00 PM EDT (NYC Time) on Zoom Eight Tips To Build Executive-Function Skills w/ Shannyn Schroeder executive-functions coach. Some of us struggle with issues -- planning, timing, sequencing, focusing, pace-keeping, decision-making -- that others take for granted. These have to do with executive functioning, or EF. It's a feature that lets the brain organize itself; and is to organize ourselves. A user-friendly EF is also goal-directed. It somehow balances mental coordination with mental flexibility; and adds self-control. Which helps us prioritize, shift gears, and - if necessary -- roll with the punches. Can skills like these be learned? Some think yes ... and this month we'll hear more along these lines. Our presenter, Shannyn Schroeder, has been -- and is -- many things: a teacher, a romance-novel writer, a curriculum writer and editor, and a...
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51 days to Life and Abundance
Download your free eBook! Here's an opportunity to redefine how you observe the Jewish holidays. In this eBook, you will be taken on a spiritual and personal journey that you will personally and spiritually benefit from beyond what you thought possible. You will learn to absorb the light of Jewish holidays that transcends on these days You will receive practical tools to having a great year Kabbalisitc teachings on the holidays The spiritual structure according to Kabbalah And more ​ This eBook was written by Elisheva Lavi with the guidance of Mark Yemin Lavi To learn more about Elisheva and her work check out her website ​ ​ Join Elisheva's monthly newsletter to receive exclusive content every Rosh Chodesh! Downloand as PDF
Posted In: Kaser, New York
Pre Rosh Hoshanah Inspiration- Chizuk LiveStream
Join Pre Erev Rosh Hoshanah Inspiration-Chizuk Sunday Sept 10 8pm
Posted In: Woodmere, New York
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