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Pidyan Haben Coins
Pidyan Haben coin gemach please call yakov friedman 646 419 0782
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 12/08/2018
Help me Find Kidney Donor
I need help finding a Kidney donor I live in Delray Beach area of South Florida all donor expenses and travel and accommodations will be paid for by my transplant coordination Miami Transplant Center blood type O or B Ed Brachman 561-613-5930
Posted In: Delray Beach, Florida
Posted on 11/27/2018
NOW OPEN IN PASSAIC: SORALA’S BABY GEMACH Strollers, highchairs, booster seats, car seats, pack n’ plays, digital scales & bassinets to borrow for up to 6 weeks. To reserve an item, visit or call 845-307-0047.
Posted In: Passaic Park, New Jersey
Posted on 11/25/2018
House downpayment GEMACH
Interest free long-term loan between 5k and 7k for Rebbeim, Kollel Yungerleit and other Oskei b'Tzorchei Tzibur towards house downpayment. Please email at
Posted In: Spring Valley, New York
Posted on 11/21/2018
Pidyon haben gemach
Everything you need for a pidyon haben: Tray,box,outfit,bib,benchers. Coins available Organza bags available
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 11/19/2018
Looking for someone to run a gemach in lakewood
I would like to start a gemach branch in lkwd. I am looking for someone to run it. I will provide all the necessary items.
Posted In: Lakewood, New Jersey
Posted on 11/19/2018
Open Letter Im in Tears
My best friend's Chosson wrote this painful yet happy ending letter and is asking everyone to spread it. You can receive it for free by emailing you will receive an automated reply with this letter as a beautiful flyer that you can FWD or PRINT Here is (as much as will fit) - Dearest Chosson\Kalla, Mazel Tov! May you be Zoche to build a true Bayis Neeman BiYisroel with much Simcha, Nachas, Parnasa, אהבה אחוה שלום ורעות! As you embark on your lifelong journey, I invite you to read my story so that you can learn from my struggles and grow more than ever at this special time in your life. Here is my true story. I hope you will find it insightful. Its been a week after our wedding. Our Chasuna was so lively, so ecstatic… Yet today, Shira, my Kalla, looks so unhappy. She is also getting annoyed at me for the most trivial things. “Good morning! How did you sleep” I greet her with a smile “Okay” She mutters under her breath – in an...
Posted In: Lakewood, New Jersey
Posted on 11/16/2018
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