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Give a wig, the mitzvah's big!
Give-a-Wig Gamach distributes wigs free of charge to women and kallahs who have difficulty affording their own. Please leave good quality, excellent-condition wigs only, in zip-loc bags at these locations: Kirzner-929 East 12th street, Flatbush, mail slot Meisels-1756 50th street, Boro Park, mail slot Diamnt-2 Blueberry Hill Road, Monsey 260 Central Avenue, Lawrence ,leave with doorman for Schwebel Yizku lemitzvos!
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Monument For Holocaust Survivor
We're trying to raise money for a monument for a Holocaust survivor, who has been without one for a very, very long time. While a not-for-profit provided use of a free grave, it has no resources to put up a monument, forcing me to resort to crowd-funding instead. Like Yaakov Avinu did for Rachel (Bereshit 35:20) and as per the Gemara's citation (Moed Katan 5a) of Ezekiel 39:15, it is incumbent upon all of us to help put up a monument for the departed. Especially now, during the month of Elul, please consider contributing whatever you can for this great mitzvah of caring for the dead, which is one of the highest expressions of both Tzedakah & Chessed, as the decedent can never repay that loving kindness. It is in times of sadness and loss when people are truly tested, and amazingly show that they can come together to help one another. I am pleading for any support that you may be able to provide at this time. Please help me do the right thing & contribute whatever you can to...
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Sidurim and Chumashim Gemach for your next Simcha
Reserve for your next Simcha: 90 sidurim: 80 Nusach Sefard 10 Nusach Ashkenaz 40 chumashim 1 Bal Tefilah Siddur (Nusach Sefard) 1 Tikun Lakorim 1 Sefer Haftorah Please call 718-258-1147 and leave your name & telephone number clearly.
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