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A crib for a baby A make up stand
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Lamps Regular & Floor
Looking for Floor Lamps & Regular lamps for home use. We are able to pick it up in Brooklyn.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Wide selection of seforim for free. See photos for details.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Rabbi Yaakov Mizrachi Hilchot Shabbat papers
Shavua tov I am giving away for free for someone who is working on enhancing their Hilchot Shabbat. I have a great amount of Hilchot Shabbat papers for Sephardic's by Rabbi Yaakov Mizrachi. The number of papers I have span for a couple of years including a couple from this year. You can inquire where you must pick it up. Send text message please, ask for Joseph. These are especially for someone who wants to enhance their Shmirat Shabbat or is a Baal Teshuvah.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
over 2000 interesting sefarim being offered for free to set up a library
sefarim include al the popular yeshivishe sefarim and many fascinating Rishonim and achronim.Includes Chasidishe sefarim, sefarim on Chumash and Nach and many "tshekaver" sefarim !
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Bed frame + headboard
Bed frame + headboard Expired 02/02/2024 Queen sized bed + headboard (mattress not included). New condition. Pickup in Brooklyn (Taken apart, easy to transport)
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
You can make $$ shopping online :)
MRREBATES What is Mr. Rebates? It's an online shopping mall where you get cash back rebates plus money-saving coupons on any purchase that you make through their partner stores. You can shop at hundreds of online stores like Dell, Office Depot, Old Navy, Macy's, Best Buy and many more. You can get up to 30% cash back! Why pay full price online when you can get a cash back discount on ALL of your online shopping? Membership is FREE and there are absolutely no strings attached. You will also get a $5.00 bonus added to your account when you make your first purchase! Use this link to join Mr. Rebates: I promise that there are no gimmicks here. Its just a free, easy way to put some more cash in your pocket!
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Free Hebrew Children Story Books
Hi giving way free children in hebrew story books. NO CHARGE.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
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