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Healthy Eating for Adults with ADHD
The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group is pleased to sponsor the following lecture: Healthy Eating for Adults with ADHD w/ Nicole DeMasi Malcher, RDN, CDCES Thursday February 16, 2023 From 6:00 -8:00 PM EST Tired of emotional eating, recreational eating, or out-and-out binge eating? Bothered by numbers that put you in the range of overweight ... or high cholesterol ... or diabetes ... or kidney disease? Or: maybe the shoe is on the other foot. Feel worn down by this diet, or that weight-loss regimen? In short: is there a middle ground between self-abuse and self-deprivation? Is there hope of attaining some control? Especially when ADHD -- with its shortage of executive functioning -- is part of the picture? On February 16, hear dietician and nutritionist Nicole DeMasi Malcher share what she's learned from working with "hundreds of different types of clients" with every conceivable need. Nicole completed a dietetic internship at California State University,...
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Lakewood Women's Halacha Line
Under the guidance of Rabbi Forchheimer, 10 minute shiur is a wonderful way to learn halachos on subjects that are relevant to women and girls. Listen anytime. New shiur every Sunday. 646-653-1799.
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Speaker and Lecturer
Hamodia columnist and inspirational speaker Rabbi Yosef Gesser is available to speak for your group. Great for schools, shul, organizational events, etc. Riveting, timely topics. Also, kivrei tzaddikim tours. 718-690-1534,
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
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