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Math and Computer Science Tutor
Looking for an experienced and dedicated math and computer science tutor who can help you excel in your academic and high school courses? You’ve come to the right place! As a highly skilled tutor with years of experience in teaching math and computer science courses as well as working in tech, I am committed to helping my students achieve their academic goals and reach their full potential. Whether you need help with Python, C++, discrete math, or pre-calc, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through these complex subjects with ease. Lessons will be held over Zoom. Price for 1 hour is $40. Please contact me at 415-251-7304 or Check out my website for more info
Posted In: New York, New York
Social Classes
Social classes Sunday - Thursday 3pm to 10pm
Posted In: Chestnut Ridge, New York
Limudei Kodesh Tutor for all ages
Experienced Rebbe with 5+ years experience teaching and tutoring both children and adults. I am available to teach Kriah, Chumash, Mishna, Gemara, Bar Mitzvah, and more. Please reach out to me either by phone (443)803-6335 or email .
Posted In: Baltimore, Maryland
Experienced Tutor Available
I am an experienced tutor, available to help out in college level subjects including, but not limited to, accuplacer/placement test prep, course preparation, algebra, health, anatomy and physiology, psychology, Introductory Spanish language, Hebrew language, music, beginner piano, and more. I have experience in private tutoring from elementary to college level, and I have also worked in a college tutoring center. I can help you boost study skills and work toward your academic goals. Tutoring is usually done virtually.
Posted In: Monsey, New York
Free (Remote) Gemara Tutor
I am currently not looking to charge anything for tutoring gemara (I have other parnasa and am looking to do this for the mitzva with some spare time).  I am available by phone sundays and for some time erev Shabbos provided it is not too late in the day.  I can take on 1-3 talmidim, it will depend on circumstances. Some weeks I will be unavailable because I am visiting my parents (this is especially true around regalim).  This likely will be a first come first served basis.  With the cost of almost everything going up, I know it is tough for a lot of families, so im yirtzeh Hashem this will help your budget some.  Again, this is free, no strings attached. It is also fine with me if your child is homeschooled.   If you feel you would like me to teach your son, just reply to this ad.  You can give me your number in your reply with a time that you want to discuss or if you prefer I can reply with my number to discuss.  Kol tuv.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Torah tutor
Online special education tutor in kriah, Chumash and Gemara. Rabbi Yaakov Aichenbaum, MA special education. Children with special needs need more than an ordinary tutor. See my website at
Posted In: Baltimore, Maryland
Tutoring and Consulting
Research Scientist (Ph.D.) available to tutor students in math and science related subjects Weaker students: Master and enjoy your subject Strong students: Deeper, practical real-world understanding. High School/Regents, GED, SAT, College, CLEP, Organic Chemistry for Pre-Meds and Nursing. Supplementary Enrichment: Technology, Torah/Science Interface, Chassidus Personalized Mini-courses in Plastics & Chemistry related to Kashrus and Food Consulting for Commercializing New Products Internet Search Assistance Expert lecturing at all levels to individuals or groups. No one ever slept in a class I taught! Homework mentoring to improve work habits, confidence, communication, researching and organizational skills. Plan ahead for the new school year! Reasonable Rates References Available 914-589-3692
Posted In: New Hempstead, New York
Tutoring computer programming
Hi, i'm tutoring for many years HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. If you are interested please contact me. It could be on zoom or google meet. I do that very often.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
tutoring gemara
Hi, I'm tutoring gemara. If you are interested for your son please contact me. We could do it over the phone or zoom if needed too.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Learning About My Culture
Text-Lecture-Discussion Location: Brooklyn Learn to find and explore supportive resources online: historical photographs/architecture/music/art Group $35 individual. $75 Duration 1hour For more info contact: 3475003785
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Tutor available: writing skills, English, Hebrew and Spanish language
Cering, experienced teacher available for tutoring all grades of English (writing, literature, grammar, vocabulary), Hebrew and Spanish language, social studies subjects in you by Skype, Zoom, or in person for locations in the Borough Park/Flatbush areas. Reasonable rates. Small groups ok. Call 718.266.7841 for more details .
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Experienced Research Scientist (Ph.D.) / Expert tutor
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry Organic Chemistry for Pre-Meds and Nursing etc. High School Regents, GED, SAT, College, CLEP, Finals Competitive Rates In-Person and/or “Zoom” 914-589-3692
Posted In: Chestnut Ridge, New York
Music teacher available, piano, keyboard, guitar, flute, violin
Caring, experienced female teacher on Zoom or comes to your home in the Flatbush/Borough Park area to teach piano, keyboard, guitar, flute, and violin to make and female children over 7 through adults. Ask about discounts for multiple students in the same family on the same day. Reasonable rates. Call 718.266.7841
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
After school classes
..JUST FOR KIDS.. In bronx ny after school & sunday classes. Gym. Art. Music. Language. Cost per class $100 Please call 929 496 6251
Posted In: Bronx, New York
Qualified Tutor
Experienced, male, general, secular studies Tutor/Talmudic Rebbe available for instruction in the following subjects: -Gemara -Mishnayos -Talmud -Chumash -Navi -Global -American History -American Politics -English/Literature -Bilingual in Yiddish, Hebrew & English *FOR PRICING & MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE TEXT OR CALL DAVID @ 917 533 2182 **AGE RANGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL-HIGH SCHOOL (REGENTS)
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Does your son need to improve his reading skills ? This class has proven positive results and many people can now read books who couldn't even read words before joining these classes. Pls call 845 502 4295 for more info.
Posted In: Spring Valley, New York
Private Tutoring
Tutoring sessions will cater to your childs needs: Homework / Kriah / Bar Mitzvah lessons / Gemara , Personal lessons plan, Monthly feedback report, Progress report, Regular tests. In person or virtual. $60 per hour sesion. $85 per two student session, $120 per three student session. Mon. - Thurs. 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Fri. 12:45 PM - 1:00 PM Call or Text 732-962-2389
Posted In: Long Branch, New Jersey
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