MS Word Legal Training - 2007-16 - Learn a Valuable Skill That Will Lead To A Job In The Legal Industry.

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By AdvanceTo Training and Consulting:

Top-Tier Style MS Word Legal Training For Secretaries and Word Processing Level Operators!

We train beginners through advanced from an inside perspective. With decades of experience as teachers, coordinators, lead operators and IT personnel, we bring you to expert level whether you wish to attain a secretarial or word processing center position. There are very few of us that offer this level of training to the public so read on:

Our training will place you in position to pursue jobs that will best serve you! The higher the skill level and understanding means more control as to what options and job scenarios are available for you.

Some of the things that set us apart:

1. Homework follows every class. These documents are just like the documents you will be working on and TESTING on. You send them to us and we critique them for you. This vital feedback helps you to grow and it is FREE for our students.

2. Our students have full access to the LinkedIn site (Listed Below) that is filled to the brim with Top-Tier level scenarios and how-to's. We have been placing great articles in the group since 2010. This is FREE for our students.

3. Before you ever go to an job agency or law firm, you will receive Pre-testing and Timed testing so you comfortably know where you stand. This is FREE for our students.

4. We assist with your placement as well. We know what awaits you at the agencies and you will have that major advantage of being prepped beforehand.

Our students are working!!

We offer weekly the following:

1. Each Live Phone and/or In Person class is approximately 4.5 hours. Phone class may be split into two. We teach 2007-16. Half Class available after first full class.
2. Most classes 1 on 1 or 2 students tops.
3. The ability to make your own schedule from class to class.
4. For those who select a full package this course will pay for itself MANY times over. We also allow our students to pay class by class.

Manhattan location Price is $250 a class.

Phone class is always $175.00.
Course packages are available at discounted rates! Click on link for pricing:

LinkedIn Group: "AdvanceTo Legal and Corporate Word Processing Training Forum" for job postings, how-to articles and strategy discussions. This is an invaluable resource that only a small percentage of the industry takes advantage of and it is available to you!

Questions? Just give us a call.
AdvanceTo Corporation

(888) 422-0692, Ext. 1 or 2

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