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Achievements Tutoring & Mentoring Services provides you with the most optimal tutor or mentor for your child's specific needs. All of our tutors and mentors are thoroughly vetted, carefully matched, and directly supervised by our dedicated team of placement coordinators.

• For boys & girls
• For elementary and high-school students
• During & after school hours
• Servicing Lakewood & Brooklyn
• No fee to sign up for the service

Achievements Tutoring & Mentoring Services are under the guidance of
R' Shlomo Gissinger Shlit”a and R' Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlit”a.

Sign up for free at
or contact one of our service coordinators:

For Lakewood —
Rabbi Yehudah Altusky
Cell: 848-480-5612

For Brooklyn —
Rabbi Ephraim Wadler
Cell: 917-572-9165

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