Travel Assistant/Short Term Live-in Nanny is Israel

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Are you traveling with children, older parents or on business? Does your family need some short term help to get them through a crunch? It may be a benefit to have me join your trip. I lived in Yerushalayim last year of a couple of years so I can help you plan and navigate your trip.

I'm a healthy vibrant middle aged woman who children are grown. Perhaps, I can help you.

For the kids: assist on the flights, give an Essential oil Jet Lag reliever, babysit for the little ones at the hotel while you tour learn Torah or go to a shiur, come along and help on a tour, ( as a Red Cross swim Instructor) teach lessons in the pool, supervise sleeping babies, do school work, or take teens to another destination.

For Bubby and Zaidy: keep them company if it's too much running around, assist with meals, walk slower with them and we'll catch up if the kids are running ahead.

For Business: I can check emails, correspond as you pamper a child, research to help set up business accounts in Israel or hire workers abroad while you tour.

Compensation is flexible.
Yehudis Firestone

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