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in the heart of the Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph commercial area, we are joining a purchase of office space in an existing office building.

the building is home to medical clinics of a number of the major national medical funds (Kupat Cholim) that operate in Israel and are AAA tenants.
the tenant has another 3.5 years on their lease with options to renew for additional 5 year periods. should they decide not to renew, they pay a penalty of one years rent.
we are seeking investors with a minimum of 150,000 NIS (~$50,000) to join the purchase and enjoy an immediate annual return of 8% (pre tax) on their invested equity paid monthly (1,000 Nis monthly for every 150,000 Nis invested). shares will be registered in the investors name.

TAMA 38 is a government initiative to reinforce older buildings to withstand earthquakes, through privata development. In exchange for strenthening the building structure
to code the developers are granted additional building rights for new apartments. These investments are short term and low risk with high ROI for investors. These buildings
are located in Holon, Batyam, and Ramat Gan. This investment pays 12% annually but you have to keep the money in for at least 2 years.

If you are interested in either of these 2 investments please send me your contact info.

Thank you,
Jack Sham, CPA
Israel 058-799-8149
U.S. 347-344-5676


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