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Yeshiva Program for Kids at Risk
⚠️Breaking News⚠️ This fall is the 2nd year opening of The Messilas Yesharim Yeshiva. The Yeshiva Where Everyone Belongs ! Our program is for teenage boys (14-18) who struggle with their Judaism and life. Whether they are not accepted in any schools, don’t fit the regular Yeshiva system, had a negative experience of Judaism, are just staying home on their phone all day, not so Frum anymore, all are welcome to M.Y. Yeshiva. The main goal of the Yeshiva is to help the boys survive their teenage years, stay healthy, become independent, have a connection to Judaism and HaShem “Al Pi Darko” and inspire them to become successful in every aspect of life. Please Spread The Word about the Yeshiva so every teenage boy can be saved and have a place where they can be happy, feel loved and grow into real men. For more info contact Us at 845-290-7051 MYYESHIVAH@GMAIL.COM
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Posted on 08/15/2019
Basement for Rent
Basement space available on Main Avenue in Passaic. Ideal for office or playgroup location. If interested please call 201-638-7977.
Posted In: Passaic, New Jersey
Posted on 07/29/2019
FREE TESTING & EVALUATION WITH Lessons Bilingual Bobby ,very patient with students- certified--master teacher will enjoy to tutor all ages reading keriah and , math for low grades, A fun and unique step by step approach to learning Exiting ,engaging games, and fun with phonics Htzlocha guaranteed BSD.
Posted In: Monsey, New York
Posted on 07/30/2019
Coming to Toronto? Can you bring a box of sefarim?
Can you bring a box of Rabbi Dovid Sapirman's new sefer to Toronto? Please contact Rabbi Sapirman for details. Much appreciated!
Posted In: Monsey, New York
Posted on 07/31/2019
Not worth fixing your old iPhone? We BUY used or broken SMARTPHONES. Call/Text: 917-946-1450
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/01/2019
The Key to Redemption - the Zohar
For the last several years I have been rearranging the ZOHAR by subject - doing so revealed the most incredible secrets of the Torah and the key to redemption. Check out our blog and you can get to the TOP SECRETS that are the essence of the ZOHAR by going to the file called סודי סודות - ענינים בזוהר (Top Secrets) After learning this file you will be convinced of the path to redemption - the rearrangement made the difference because it gathers all the sources in the ZOHAR in ONE place. Zohar arranged by topics, using visualizations to explain the Ari More Infomation at
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Posted on 08/04/2019
Attention Parents: Let us connect you with... 1) Experienced and competent providers 2) Advocacy and legal services 3) A supportive and understanding staff INQUIRE ABOUT SUMMER AND MAKEUP HOURS. (718) 362-6086
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/06/2019
LOttie's Kitchen
Lottie’s Kitchen is back! The event of the summer will be held August 20th . Watch your mailbox for details.
Posted In: Deal, New Jersey
Posted on 08/06/2019
driver needed
willing to pay someone to drive uhaul truck to cleveland wed or thurs aug 14 or15 please call 3475466209 mrs adler
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/09/2019
Liberty Heights trampoline & adventure park
Enjoy a wonderful day at the only trampoline & adventure park in the catskills
Posted In: Liberty, New York
Posted on 08/10/2019
Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland meeting
Title: “Ask the Experts!” Date and Time: Sunday, August 25, 2019, 1:30 p.m. Location: Pikesville Library’s meeting room, 1301 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD Please join us on Sunday, August 25, 2019, for our next program: “Ask the Experts!” A team of panelists who are experienced in Jewish genealogy research will give advice on research strategies as you try to break through a brick wall. Panelists include Lara Diamond, Jennifer Mendelsohn, Kira Dolcimascolo, and special guest Israel Pickholtz! Please submit your questions by August 18 to Joe Nathanson at; a selection of those questions will be addressed by the panel. Please be specific in what you are looking for and what you have already tried. Give as much background information as possible, so that our panelists can guide you on ways to move forward in your research. If time permits, we’ll also have an open floor at the end of the program for additional questions. The program is free...
Posted In: Baltimore, Maryland
Posted on 08/11/2019
Lost Tefillin
Hi I lost my Tefillin. It may be at the Amtrak lost and found desk at NY Penn station. If someone can go to the Amtrak lost and found desk at NY Penn station. Here is a picture.. Is should have a baggage tag or my name in the Siddur ... Louis / Shmuel Beck... 410-358-0142 . Thanks
Posted In: New York, New York
Posted on 08/12/2019
Abbakidabra the Glatt Kosher Magician
New for 2019, face painting & ballerina party options
Posted In: Woodmere, New York
Posted on 08/12/2019
Spread the Word Amazon Wish List
There has recently been a movement on Twitter to support teachers in the classroom. I am reaching out to everyone with a huge favor. If you can grab the link below and share it on you Twitter or any other social media accounts, hopefully donors will see this and help support out classroom. BEM is a school that opened up to help give children of all abilities of a lifetime. We have grown 100% off the kindness and generosity of the comunity. Thank you all in advance for sharing a link to our Amazon wish list. #CleartheList #Support_A_Teacher #CleartheListNY
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/13/2019
Learn Yiddish The Easy Way From Anywhere In The World! Tele-Classes Beginning September 3, 2019
A great way to learn Yiddish the way it was spoken in pre-war Europe. This program is all done by phone from anywhere in the world at the convenience of your home, The program goes through a good part of the Yiddish language starting with the alphabet all the way through college level. It includes grammar, idioms. expressions, proverbs and stories along with a "Good To Know" section that includes interesting facts about the language. The Yiddish Tele-Class Program is a great way to learn the language while having fun
Posted In: Lawrence, New York
Posted on 08/15/2019
All year around religious service provider in all areas of Judaism; as Chazan/Cantor/Shaliach Tzibbur/Lainer/Divre Torah/Lecturer/Shiurim etc
BE"H I am a Hemishe, fun type, experienced religious service provider in all areas of Judaism including conducting Sedarim, Laining, Divre Torah, jewish and hebrew lectures and classes, conducting full services as a Chazan/Cantor/Shaliach Tzibbur on Shabbat, Holidays/High holidays and all year around. Please call me at 6462624046 or email to
Posted In: New York, New York
Posted on 08/15/2019
High Holidays, chagim, Shabbatot and all year around services as: Chazan/ Baal Tefilla, Baal Tefilla, Lainer, Lecturer/Drasha etc
I am a hemishe, fun type, very experienced religious service provider, an all rounder, for High Holidays, Chagim, Shabbatot and all year around services as: Chazan/ Baal Tefilla, Lainer, Lecturer/Drasha etc in all areas of Judaism/Yiddishkeit , Multilingual. Available in Canada, U.S. Worldwide Please call me asap at 6462624046 or email to Thanking you in advance.
Posted In: New York, New York
Posted on 08/15/2019
borrow up to 100 boxes. all sizes available. please call to make arrangements at (347)962-1509 or (718)338-6043
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/17/2019
Earn Money while you shop!
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/18/2019
Offering Room & Board in exchange for light work with kids.
We are looking for someone to help with light supper prep work, home work with the kids and some extra curricular activities until their bedtime. - We live in Pomona NY. - You will have your own room. - You will need to have your own transportation. Contact us for more information. Please provide references.
Posted In: Pomona, New York
Posted on 08/19/2019
Frum Fantasy Football League - We need 3 more team its a lot of fun.
Frum Fantasy Football League - We need 3 more team its a lot of fun. 100% Kosher catered, all Shabbos and Yom Tov rules apply. Family Atmosphere. For Young Adults and Adults. Dov 973 931 2770
Posted In: East Brunswick, New Jersey
Posted on 08/19/2019
Fantasy Football Opening
We need another team. Very cool league lots of fun. Dov
Posted In: Edison, New Jersey
Posted on 08/19/2019
Seeking shidduch for a tall handsome physically fit professional Modern orthodox 40 never married from NY, outgoing, easygoing, world traveler, avid reader, singer, open minded, fun loving intellectual guy, seeking a single, very serious, commitment minded and goal oriented female early to mid 30's.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/20/2019
Need computer tech help, my laptop doesn't detect a new battery I just put in
I just changed the battery on my Lenovo 110-151BR computer, Windows 10,I put in an appropriate new battery. It now doesn't recognize the new battery, for some odd reason. The laptop still works great when it is plugged into power, but it doesn't recognize the new battery and the battery won't charge. I read that the way to fix it is to update the BIOS, check the battery and ACPI settings.and then do a battery driver reset. I am not technologically knowledgeable, and I don't know how to do all this. Is there someone out there who can help fix my laptop, so I can use it on battery. I live in Crown Heights. How much would you charge to fix this? Thank you in advance.
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/21/2019
Looking for old avrom freid mbd chsnah yom tovim miami boys chior sdi chemed tapes r reisman relaxtion music also. If you have and dont need please call 718 431 9449
Posted In: Brooklyn, New York
Posted on 08/23/2019
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