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Widower with young kids desperately needs help! Blood type O or B needed!

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"He who saves one Jewish Life, it's as if he saved the entire world" - Talmud Sanhedrin

Mitzvah of a lifetime! Pekuach Nefesh!

Wonderful Jewish Widower from the Los Angeles vicinity - 55 years old, father of 4, youngest kids about 9 & 11 years old, desperately needs a kidney!

If you are blood type O or B, (or possibly if you are another blood type), you can save his life!

I donated a kidney & it was the greatest experience of my life!

* One blood test to see i f you are a match.
* Lost wages, will be paid for by a non-profit organization - if qualified Other expenses such as travel expenses will be paid for. NOTE: You might be able to donate locally. Please contact me for further details.

TRAGEDY! This man's wife passed away in a car accident, leaving him with 2 young kids! This is a real Pekuach Nefesh situation!

Please come forward! This man is on dialysis 4 days a week & hard to handle having small kids when you are so ill & have to go for treatments 4 days a week, hooked up to a machine for 4 hours at a time! His mother is old & frail & not much she can do to help out.

I have 3 family members who donated a kidney - including one donated at Cedars Sinai. All of us doing great, Boruch Hashem!
If you need more info as well, please let me know. Thanks

The greatest Chesed one can do it to save a fellow Jew's life. If one can't for medical issues or any other reason, would appreciate if you can PLEASE help spread the word about this widower in need of a life-saving donor. If you can mention in E-mails, social media, Whatapp, Shul announcements, etc. Also, please notify me if you are able to hang up fliers for this man who needs a kidney.

My kidney/Liver donation project is endorsed by Harav Dovid Goldwasser Shlita


Chaya Lipschutz - "Health Hero" - Prevention Magazine. Also honored for my life-saving work by my local District Attorney
Kidney Donor and Kidney & Liver Matchmaker
Website: www.KidneyMitzvah.com
E-mail: KidneyMitzvah@aol.com
Phone: (917) 627-8336

P.S. NOTE: If you are in another part of the USA & can't go to Los Angeles, it is possible that you may be able to donate locally instead.

“One who donates their kidney will have only good things and Arichas Yomim– Harav Chaim Kanievsky “

RAVES from people who donated a kidney & from doctors in the transplant field:

"Giving a kidney was no big deal...I've had dental treatment that was worse" - Paul Dixon, UK

From DOCTORS in the transplant field:

“Kidney donation is a relatively SAFE OPERATION, and many donors will never feel the loss of their second kidney. So giving up a kidney causes no disadvantage to your long-term health. In fact, studies have shown, that KIDNEY DONORS actually LIVE LONGER than the general population - because donors come from a pool of people in good health." - Dr. Michael Edye, former Adjunct Associate Professor of surgery, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY - http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/prospective-kidney-donors-article-1.374079

Just think people have no problem having only one kidney, so we have to ask, why did Hashem give us two kidneys? Perhaps it is so you would have an extra one to donate and save a life! “ - Dr. Stuart Greenstein, Shomer Shabbos Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY

RAVES from a few of my KIDNEY DONORS from previous kidney matches:

"There is no greater feeling than knowing you brought life to another human being. It has truly been an amazing experience that ranks right up there with the birth of my 9 children. If I could, I would do it again tomorrow." “Giving a liver makes donating a kidney look like a walk in the park.” - Rabbi Ephraim Simon, Chabad of Teaneck, NJ who donated a kidney AND recently donated part of his liver as well!

“I decided to start the testing process for kidney donation, because I felt the awesome responsibility to not look away when someone was dying and I knew I could help save them. It was the best decision of my life!” – ” Rabbi Ari Sytner, Monsey, NY – author of, “The Kidney Donor’s Journey – 100 Questions I Asked Before Donating My Kidney.”

“It is easy, it is simple. There is no reason in the world, if you are a healthy person, to not consider donating your kidney. Your life will not change one bit but somebody else’s life will change 200%! - It would probably be the best decision that they have ever made in their life - Vicki O’Neill Haber, Denver, Colorado

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Phone: (917) 627-8336
Email: kidneymitzvah@placeataol.com

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