Help to bring crutches to Eretz Yisroel -- BIG mitzvah!

Posted In: Baltimore, Maryland


Large crutches folding


Hi. I ordered very special crutches from Amazon for my handicapped wife.
I sent them to my sister in Baltimore who was coming to visit, but she can't: Covid!
It costs $100 to ship them now, but even worse, even a registered LETTER takes almost 3 months to arrive!
The pair of crutches, all together, fold down to about 26.5" high by 4.50" wide by DEPTH: 20.0" and weigh 5.8 lbs.
If you have room and ko'ach, I will be very happy to pay you $50 to bring them for my wife.
We live in Beit Shemesh, and I can drive to wherever you will be, to pick them up.
If you're able to help us with this incredible tova, please send me your phone number, and I will send it to my sister's to get in touch with you to hook up somehow.
Have a good fast,
Shalom Kaplan

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