Desperate Situation

Posted In: Brooklyn, New York


Please anyone who is listening and doesn't have the means or money, thank you for your concern, but please don't help me.
I hope the Ribobo Shel Olam will send a shaliach of means. My husband died when I was very young in Eretz Yisroel. I have no parents, no children. I have noone to turn to. I was a teacher, but due to a car accident, I was forced to retire on very little means. My rent was increased over the years, and the vehicle I was given was in need of many repairs. Slowly, I was forced to rely on credit cards. I paid small amounts, but the interest compiled. The banks would not give me consolidation because of my low income. I'm unable to do dental work, my car needs work, my rent has increased. I'm hoping to Hashem that someone out there with the means can give me a loan of $18,000 dollars to cover my credit cards, dental work, and find a better vehicle so I can get around better.

Thank you for listening, and may Hashem help everyone in need.
Zol zein tzu mitzvah

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