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We train legal and support staff at law firms of all sizes in person and by Zoom. We also train outsource non legal staff who in turn service the top-tier legal firms. Finally, we train the public as well and that takes the form of individuals as well as groups. We are from the industry and have logged thousands of hours of situational experience.

Many smaller to midsize firms do not have full time Trainers. That is where we can be of assistance. We can upgrade the skill level of your non legal staff (Secretaries, Paralegals and WP Operators) as well as Attorney staff.

Of course we have basic through-advanced MS Office Training which we do every week, but what sets us apart is our ability to offer targeted training as well.

While you are working take advantage and make sure that your skills are at their best. When your skills are really good law firms and corporate firms will always be interested in you!

Specialty Class
We offer Specialty Classes such as Litigation vs. Corporate, Merge and Fillable Forms, PDF Editing and Adobe Pro/Nuance related procedures and many more.

Tailored Class
Our Tailored Classes allow you to mix and match so that you get the blend of material that suits your needs across the spectrum of possible topics and procedures. We do Tailored Classes for legal firms as well as individuals.

Video on Demand
Finally we do video on demand for any particular subject matter. Just let us know what subjects you need and we will produce that for you.

Our classes are affordable and you will notice the knowledge base of your staff increase substantially. The documentation of your firm will look that much better.

We also do walkthroughs for any procedure as well as Help Desk related questions.

Classes of all types can be done in person or by Zoom. Whether your firm needs to upgrade their skills as a whole or certain staff need assistance with certain areas of the law or training on specific procedures relating to litigation or corporate law we are here to help.

Give us a call to see how we can help with the training needs of your firm!

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