Fire Extinguisher Service - Field Technician / No experience / Company will train

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Our Goal:

To find a career minded individual looking for a position of responsibility within a fast

growing local business enterprise.


As soon as possible.


Note - this is a general overview. Other duties as required

1. Service our customers fire extinguishers according to FDNY code.

2. Make sure our customers are in compliance with quantities & locations

of fire extinguishers.

3. Installation of products.

4. Professional representation of our Company.


1. Valid drivers license. No moving violations. Minimum 3 years driving experience.

2. Must be capable of driving a cargo van

3. Must be capable of reading a map

4. Mechanically inclined - i.e.: handling hand tools & drill.

5. Must take FDNY certificate of fitness exam - the company will provide study material

& training exam. Before achieving four months on the job.

6. The company will pay for the first attempt. The employee will pay for all

subsequent attempts.

7. If unable to pass exam after (3) three attempts employee will be suspended.

8. Employee will have [2] two weeks, after suspension, to pass the exam.

9. Employment will be terminated after [2] two week suspension if employee cannot

pass the exam.

10. Must be willing to work overtime.

Helpful but Not required:

1. Knowledge of getting around five boroughs

2. Experience in driving a cargo van with no rear window.

Work Schedule:

Monday through Thursday - 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. - Overtime possible.
Friday 7:30 am to 1:30 pm


1. Paid holidays - after [6] four months on the job.

2. Paid sick days - per NYC sick day law.

3. Vacation days - after [1] year on the job.

4. Performance reviews.


These are minimum rates which are subject to management discretion.


1. $15.00 / hour - introductory training period.

2. $16.00 / hour - After trained & in field working substantially on their own.

3. $17.00 / hour - After passing FDNY Certificate of Fitness exam -a must.

4. Review approx. [4] four months after passing FDNY exam - possible $18.00 / hour.

5. This is a $19-$21.00 / hour position commiserate with performance, years on the job, etc.

Background Check will be conducted; if job is offered

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