ads are now
available on WhatsApp!!

Yeah, about that... what is this " ads are now on Whatsapp" thing, and how does that benefit me?

You can now get the latest classified ads that you care about, for the area you care about, delivered to you on WhatsApp! Just shoot us a WhatsApp text asking for an invitation to join groups in your area. Even better, invite us to post our ads directly to any *existing WhatsApp group that could benefit from some of our posts.

*Groups that take our posts are typically geared to a specific region and to a specific topic, so please include that information when reaching out. Existing groups must meet our qualifications for posting, including group admin permission to post ads.


Yes, we're pretty amazed ourselves! And to top it off, we're now also on Instagram - follow us at @luachclassifieds.

Well, what if I don't use WhatsApp or Instagram?

Not a problem, we won't hold that against you. And you're still welcome to browse all the listings in your area on this site. To make that easier on yourself, you can sign up for our daily email digest here to get all the latest information in one place - every day - right to your inbox.

I'd like to post an ad. What do I need to do for my ad to be posted to WhatsApp or Instagram?

All you need to do is post your ad on this site - then kick back your feet while we take care of the rest. Easy as..., well let's just say we've made it easy.

So that's it?

For now, yes. But we're always looking for ways to improve, and we love getting feedback (gently, please). Or let us know if you'd like to see us posting to other platforms or social media outlets.